Food Challenges

The Ring of Fire Food Challenge

Think you can handle the heat? Then get ready for Rocker's Ring of Fire Hot Wing Challenge!!!

Finish 20 hot wings in 10 minutes. You are not allowed to eat or drink anything apart from the Ring of Fire Hot Wings during the challenge. You are not allowed to leave your table once you started the challenge. And if you throw up, you will be required to clean up!

And for the winners, you'll get your proud picture on the 'Wall of Fame', a special Rocker’s Steak House Challenge T-shirt and hot wings on the house!Can you handle the Ring of Fire Hot Wing Challenge? Book your challenge now.

The Losers

Losers will be left with a disappointment and a £15 bill to pay and your photo on our Wall of Shame with the rest who have fallen.

Terms and Conditions

The challenge is for over 18s only (ID required) and you will be required to sign a release form.

The Ultimate Burger Food Challenge

Beat the 'Ultimate Burger Challenge' with a 24oz of mouth-watering patties of beef & chicken, topped with a beanie patty to add that extra crunch and smothered in four kinds of cheese. Plus, alongside the burger is a serving of our famous chilli cheese fries, a side of coleslaw and to help you knock it all down, a bottomless soft drink!

If you conquer the 24oz burger challenge within 30 minutes you've earned your name and photo on our 'Walk of Fame'. You'll also walk away proudly and Win a special 'Rocker’s Steak House Challenge' t-shirt and a FREE Meal!

Think you can handle the challenge? Let us know and book your Ultimate Rocker’s Challenge in advance. Please note, we are not able to serve the challenge during busy times, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights.


For the Losers

Fail and get a bill of £34.95 and your photo on our Wall of Shame with the rest who have fallen.


Terms and Conditions

All our challenges are based for ONE person only. The challenge is NOT available to share between two or more people and is unavailable to order as a meal.

Check out our social media pages '#RockersChallenge' on Facebook and Twitter and be brave and post a photo along with our other contestants! Read more about the burger challenge on the Eating Challenges website.