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Coke Zero/Lemonade


Fruit Juice


Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Cranberry

Slim Line Tonic


Still Water

330ml £2.95 | 1L £4.30

Tonic Water


Sparkling Water

330ml £2.95 | 1L £4.30

Tramadol Prices Online

Our red wines are carefully chosen from different parts of the continent.

Malbec Las Pampas, Argentina

Full bodied and intense. The nose offers intense aromas of black stone fruit from black cherry to blackberry interwoven with notes of chocolate and sweet spice. (13.5% abv)

£6.50 (175ml) | £7.95 (250ml) | £21.95 (Bottle)

Shiraz Dry River, Australia

Full bodied wine with aromas of blueberries, tobacco and spice. (13.5 abv)

£5.50 (175ml) | £6.95 (250ml) | £18.95 (Bottle)

Merlot Ladera Verde, Chile

Medium bodied wine with intense aromas of plum and cherry with hints of cinnamon, spice and chocolate. (12.5% abv)

£5.95 (175ml) | £7.50 (250ml) | £19.95 (Bottle)

Rioja Arjona Joven, Spain

Full bodied wine with aromas of cherry, cinnamon, clove and lavender. (13.5% abv)

£21.95 (Bottle)

White Wines

Our white wines are carefully chosen from different parts of the continent.

Chardonnay Dry River, Australia

A dry wine that displays an enticing nose of peach, citrus and lemon aromas. (14% abv)

£5.50 (175ml) | £6.95 (250ml) | £18.95 (Bottle)

Pinot Grigio Amanti, Italy

A fresh dry white, crisp and delicate on the palate with some honeyed fruit balanced by lemony acidity, minerality and a fresh, dry finish.

£5.95 (175ml) | £7.50 (250ml) | £19.95 (Bottle)

Sauvignon Blanc Ladera Verde, Chile

A dry wine full of zest and fruity flavours. It’s bursting with exotic tropical fruit, yet retains freshness through its natural racy acidity. (13% abv)

£5.95 (175ml) | £7.50 (250ml) | £19.95 (Bottle)

Beers & Ciders

Dead Pony Pale Ale


Bottle 330ml (3.8% abv)

Corona Extra


Bottle 330ml (4.6% abv)

Kopparberg Cider


The juice of strawberries and lime are added to our apple cider to deliver an intensive fruity tasting cider with an unmistakable strawberry aroma, Can 330ml (4% abv)

Punk IPA


Bottle 330ml (5.6% abv)

Aspall Suffolk Cider


Bottle 500ml (5.5% abv)

Brooklyn Lager Draught Beer

Pint £6.50, Half Pint £4.50

Amber-gold in colour; a firm malt richness supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma. Complemented by a relaxing hint of caramel (5.2% abv)


Poretti Lager Draught Beer

Pint £5.95, Half Pint £3.95

A pale blonde Pils-style lager from Varese in Northern Italy. With an aromatic aroma of lemons and limes and a subtly hoppy lingering finish (4.8% abv)

Shed Head Pale Ale Draught Beer

Pint £5.95, Half Pint £3.95

Dry hopped, this beer is balanced perfectly with bitterness and tropical fruit aromas, providing plenty of refreshment and delivering on flavour (4.6% abv)



These alternative recipes served without the alcohol are just as fun to drink!

Virgin Pina Colada


Pineapple juice and sweet coconut cream shaken together with ice

Strawberry Cooler


Fresh limes and strawberry syrup topped with cranberry juice and lemonade

Virgin Mojito


Fresh limes and mint topped with lemonade

Elderflower Fizz


Fresh limes, mint, elderflower syrup and apple juice topped with soda

Tropical Fizz


Fresh limes and orange and pineapple juices topped with lemonade and a dash of grenadine


From Mojitos to Martinis and everything in between.

Pina Colada


Rum, coconut liqueur, sweet coconut cream and pineapple juice shaken together with ice

Purple Rain


Fresh limes, vodka, peach schnapps, and blue curacao topped with lemonade and a dash of grenadine

Espresso Martini


Vodka, coffee liqueur, sugar, and a shot of espresso shaken with ice

Woo Woo


Fresh limes, vodka, and peach schnapps topped up with cranberry juice

Rockers On The Beach


Vodka and peach schnapps topped with orange and cranberry juice

English Tea Party


Fresh limes, sugar, gin, and elderflower cordial topped with soda

Smoke On The Water


Bourbon and Amaretto stirred with orange bitters and sugar, served in a cinnamon smoked glass for extra depth of flavour

Tom Collins


Fresh limes, gin, and sugar topped up with soda



Fresh limes, gin, sugar, and Chambord-raspberry liquor shaken with ice

White Russian


Vodka and coffee liqueur topped up with milk

Lynchberg Lemonade


Fresh limes, Jack Daniels, and orange liqueur topped up with lemonade



Fresh limes, tequila, and orange liqueur

Strawberry Calypso


Fresh limes, strawberry syrup, vodka, and apple sour liqueur topped with cranberry juice

Long Island Iced Tea


Fresh limes, gin, tequila, vodka, and rum topped with Coke

Sours: Amaretto / Midori / Whisky


Fresh limes and a choice of Amaretto, Midori, or Whisky, all shaken with ice



Fresh limes, rum, sugar, and passion fruit liqueur shaken with ice



Fresh limes, mint, sugar, and rum topped with soda

Blue Hawaiian


Rum, coconut liqueur, and blue curacao topped with pineapple juice

Raspberry and Lychee Martini


Fresh limes and raspberries, raspberry vodka, Chambord, and lychee liqueur shaken with cranberry juice



Fresh limes, vodka, and orange liqueur topped with cranberry juice


Milkshakes a true American classic to cool you down on a hot summers day and satisfy that sweet craving as soon as it strikes!



Choose from: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate

Oreo Shake


Oreo Cookies and Vanilla Ice Cream

Rose & Sparkling Wines

Cuveé De Roy Rosé 2014, France

Medium-dry, easy drinking rose with plenty of soft berry flavours with a smooth, yet textural finish. (14% abv)

£4.95 (175ml) | £6.50 (250ml) | £17.95 (Bottle)

Prosecco Amori, Italy

Extra Dry style with oral and delicate aromas, with notes of acacia ower, jasmine, green apple and grapefruit. (11% abv)

£25.95 (Bottle)