Red Wines

Our red wines are carefully chosen from different parts of the continent.

Malbec El Cuyo, Argentina

Full bodied and intense. The nose offers intense aromas of black stone fruit from black cherry to blackberry interwoven with notes of chocolate and sweet spice. (13.5% abv)

£5.50 (175ml) | £6.95 (250ml) | £19.95 (Bottle)

Shiraz Dry River, Australia

Full bodied wine with aromas of blueberries, tobacco and spice. (13.5 abv)

£4.50 (175ml) | £5.95 (250ml) | £16.95 (Bottle)

Merlot Condorito, Chile

Medium bodied wine with intense aromas of plum and cherry with hints of cinnamon, spice and chocolate. (12.5% abv)

£4.95 (175ml) | £6.50 (250ml) | £17.95 (Bottle)

Cabernet Sauvignon Roche Mazet, France

Medium bodied wine with blackcurrant and cherry aromas followed by vanilla and toasty notes. Well-rounded on the palate revealing avors of soft caramel and mocha. (12.5% abv)

£18.95 (Bottle)

Rioja Navajas Joven, Spain

Full bodied wine with aromas of cherry, cinnamon, clove and lavender. (13.5% abv)

£19.95 (Bottle)