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Crispy Calamari


Served with fresh lemon and garlic mayo.

Chicken Wings


Choose from Louisiana hot or BBQ sauce. Served with salad garnish. Please allow extra cooking time for this dish!

Lamb Chops


Infused with our secret blend of spices, served with chilli chutney dip and salad garnish.

Panko Prawns


Panko breaded prawns served with fresh lemon, garlic mayo and salad garnish.

Chilli Cheese Fries


Skinny fries topped with melted cheese, home-made beef chilli con carne, and jalapeños.

Garlic Bread


Three slices of crusty bread with garlic butter. Add cheese for £1

  • (v)

Mozzarella Dippers


Mouth-watering slices of creamy mozzarella with jalapeños coated in a crispy beer batter.

  • (v)

Quesadillas (Make Me Vegan)


Smothered with garlic butter and lined up with cheddar, salsa, roasted peppers, and sautéed onions, and a choice of filling: Barbacoa chicken or Beef chilli

Sharing Platter for Two


Two lamb chops, four chicken wings, four panko breaded prawns, two onion rings and two mozzarella dippers accompanied by salad garnish and salsa and chilli chutney dips. Add £8.50 and make it Platter for Three!

Tacos (Make Me Vegan!)


Two grilled corn tortillas topped with crunchy slaw, guacamole, and pickled onion. Choose from Barbacoa beef or Barbacoa chicken